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The future of real estate investing platforms

The real estate industry is experiencing rapid changes due to new technology and an influx of capital lorem ipsum dolor.

The challenge

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The result

We make an impact through our work

After 8 months of collaboration we successfully launched the new Investate brand and website integrated into a custom-built Wordpress CMS environment. With the launch and continuous optimizations we managed to increase website sessions, conversion rates and increase time spent on the website.
69% Increase in recipe engagement
4.2m Views this project got across our social media networks
33% Increase in time spent on our website
$12.8m Total raised in funding so far

The result

“I am happy with the transparency and the details they describe for all of their Funds. I recommend the service for investors that understand long term investing and are okay with the illiquidity.”
Fred Fields
Founder and Partner @ Investate
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